12e editie
Landelijke Asbest Praktijkdag 2021
Nieuwe ontwikkelingen, knelpunten en oplossingen voor de dagelijkse asbestpraktijk.

Inez Postema

Managing Director Asbetter Acids
Asbetter Acids

After completing her education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (1972-1975) and Universiteit of Amsterdam (1975-1979) with a MSc Dutch language and literature, she was active as a High School teacher in consecutively Lelystad, Heerhugowaard en Hellevoetsluis. In 1982 she started her own company for Communication Strategy and Publications, focused on gaining support for change processes. From 1986 onwards to 2006 she specialized in consultancy for environmental communication at several industrial companies: DuPont de Nemours, Invista, Voridian, Indorama, Climax Molybdenum, also at DCMR Schiedam, the Environmental Protection Agency and Provincie Zuid-Holland, department Energy transition. From 2004-2018: she was involved as Sustainability consultant at Deltalinqs, Rotterdam industrial network organisation, amongst with the establishing of Deltalinqs Energy Forum, focused on developing innovation projects for sustainable industries. From 2006-2012 she joined the Rotterdam Climate Initiative stakeholders communication group . In 2004-2005 she did the research and writing for publication of Industrial Imaging, Rotterdam synergy, as in 2013-2014 the research and publication of Connecting Industries. From June 2017- present: CEO ASBETER, developing together with ir. Pol Knops a worldwide breakthrough based on a novel process to economically destruction of cementious asbestos, the outcome of a full circular process avoiding 100% CO2.